Prospective Customers

Please, be prepared to answer the following questions in order to get the most accurate phone quote from Brown’s Gutter Cleaning Please Call  215-836-5890.

  • Where did you learn about Brown’s Gutter Cleaning information? ( Please, read “About”- History & Referrals )
    –  Referral
    –  Internet (what site?)
  • What is your zip code?
  • What township, borough, or Philadelphia neighborhood do you live in?  (Please, read “Locations”)
  • How many stories is your house (not including the basement)?
  • What is the interior square footage of your house (not including the basement)?
  • Is your house attached or detached?
  • Approximately, how many total downspouts are located on the house and garage?
  • Do any of the downspouts lead into underground pipes?

Brown’s Gutter Cleaning guarantees the ability to locate and clear clogged downspouts. Brown’s does not guarantee the ability to clear clogged underground pipes. (Please, read  “Services” )

  • If your downspouts lead into underground pipes, do you want Brown’s to run water to proactively seek underground clogs?

The option to proactively seek underground clogs by running water is available only during the warm weather seasons. This option is not available during the busy late fall season.

  • Are the house gutters open?

Brown’s Gutter Cleaning needs to remove gutter protection in order to clean the gutters. The gutter protection would then not be put back on.  In Brown’s experience, the most effective, longest-lasting gutters  are left open and maintained regularly.  If the gutters are open, or you are willing to part with gutter protection, then Brown’s is willing to work for you.

  •  Are there many nearby trees that drop debris on top of the house?
  •  When was the last time the upper gutters were cleaned?

For the quickest service, Brown’s prefers to make an unannounced service visit.

Brown’s will bill you for the time on the job. Brown’s accepts checks only. (Please, read “Rates”)

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